Anti-Human Trafficking

The 10th Annual Human Trafficking Vigil took place on January 7, 2018. The outdoor vigil took place in extreme cold, but that did not hinder the many sisters, associates, and friends who attended. This national day for an end to human trafficking prayer service was hosted by the Boston Unit of the LCWR Anti-Trafficking Coalition. The vigil was coordinated by the Anti-Trafficking Coalition of the Boston Unit of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

Corporate Stance Against Human Trafficking (March 29, 2009)

We, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, whose mission of unity and reconciliation impels us to promote right relationships, denounce the slavery of human trafficking in all its forms in every place where it exists.

We commit:

  • to educate ourselves and others about the causes, consequences and magnitude of human trafficking
  • to work to eliminate the root causes of human trafficking
  • to minister to victims of human trafficking in collaboration with others
  • to use our strength as consumers and investors to promote a just society that eliminates the incentives for human trafficking

Click here to download a pdf of the prayers put together by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, along with facts about Human Trafficking and modern day slavery.


Logo Exchange Initiative

Exchange Initiative: Real Resources to End Sex Trafficking\

The Exchange Initiative is a newly formed organization by Nix Conference & Meeting Management to empower individuals and organizations with real resources to help end sex trafficking.

To facilitate action and networking for solutions, Exchange Initiative plans to host its first bi-annual Conference about Sex Trafficking in 2014.



Stop Trafficking Newsletter

Not for Sale Campaign

Anti-Trafficking Program

The mission of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Anti-Trafficking Program (ATP) is to educate on the scourge of human trafficking as an offense against fundamental dignity of the human person; to advocate for an end to modern day slavery; and to provide training and technical assistance on this issue.

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