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Lit celebration 2017

The Literacy Connection, in its 30th year, recently held the 2017 Celebration of Gratitude and Achievement for their many students.

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Responding to low-income adult immigrants and refugees
seeking help with English language skills and citizenship preparation

The Literacy Connection is a vibrant and unique literacy program, sponsored by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, committed to teaching low-income adults how to read, write and communicate in English.

The Literacy Connection was founded in 1987 to respond to the need of Southeast Asian refugees in the Allston/Brighton area to become functionally literate. It was a natural response for the Sisters of Saint Joseph, highly skilled educators, to reach out to these immigrants and refugees in need of reading and English skills.

The program has expanded since 1987. Our students now come from over 30 different countries and many dedicated laymen and women as well as sisters and associates now minister as tutors.

The Literacy Connection also provides citizenship classes designed to help students be confidently prepared for the citizenship application, written and oral tests, and interviews.

Our goal is to respond to low-income adult immigrants and refugees seeking help with reading, writing, understanding, and speaking English.

Some specific objectives or goals of our students are:

  • to read to their children and to help them be successful in school
  • to communicate in English with their children’s teachers, neighbors, and neighborhood service providers
  • to secure a job or to get a better job
  • to read newspapers to learn what is happening in their native countries
  • to enter a more formal classroom setting, a GED program, a community college program to seek help with citizenship preparation
  • to become integrated into the economic and civic life of their new country and to plan a future for themselves and their families.

Our students receive free one-on-one tutoring and meet at a time and place convenient for both student and tutor. The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of each student who:

  • comes to The Literacy Connection to learn the skills needed to attend a more advanced school or job training program
  • is available for instruction only two or three hours a week
  • cannot fit into a weekly or semester class schedule
  • has a particular learning or physical disability
  • cannot pay

At The Literacy Connection, we feel that it is very important to work collaboratively with other agencies and programs to address the pressing need of adult literacy.

We are active members in the Allston/Brighton Adult Education Coalition. We believe that The Literacy Connection is a strong and highly respected program within our neighborhood as well as in other communities around greater Boston.

Cummings Foundation Award 100k for 100 Grant

to The Literacy Connection, a ministry of The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

The Literacy Connection is thrilled to be the recipient of the Cummings Foundation’s generosity for the next 5 years as our organization expands. Because of this award, our plan is to grow our adult education network in Boston, offering essential referrals and placements for adults who are in the most need of flexible scheduled tutoring sessions, one on one educational and literacy needs, and citizenship preparation. By expanding our tutor base and online presence, we plan to be able to help many more students who are currently in danger of not being served,

Fiscal Year 2016 – 2017

The Literacy Connection is extremely grateful to our
Funders and Benefactors for their generous contributions.
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