Sister Stories

Sister Ann Marie Grady

“All life is connected. I think in images. Where I’ve lived, the people I’ve lived with are a part of me. These connections are an important part of what enables me to be and do.” With these words, Sister Ann Marie Grady captured the essence of the relationships that have…

Sister Joan Duffy

The Duffy Family of Brighton, Massachusetts welcomed their second child into their lives and named her Joan, which in Hebrew means “gift from God”. Two more children joined the household, and many happy memories were created growing up in a multigenerational family.

Sister Jacqueline Damoiseau

Jacqueline was the only child born to John and Frances Damoiseau in Waltham, Massachusetts. Her youngest uncle was only five years older, and they developed a “somewhat sibling” relationship. This uncle taught her to ride a bike, and, in turn, Jackie helped with his paper route.

Sister Patricia Boyle

Religion is a scary thing to some people,” states Pat Boyle, CSJ. In her current position as Associate Director of the Office of Pastoral Planning, she works with the leadership teams and parishioners in parishes of the Archdiocese as they implement Disciples in Mission. “It is a privilege for me…

Sister Marcella Campos

The CSJ Constitution states: “Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church lives to continue the mission of Christ . . . we participate in this transforming mission, proclaiming God’s new creation in word and sacrament, in the witness of our lives, and in service.” At 83 years old,…

Sister Maryann Enright

Maryann Enright, CSJ led a simple life, growing up with her Irish immigrant parents and two younger brothers. Her family was grounded in faith, prayed the rosary every evening, and went to church each Sunday. She attended St. Clement School, Somerville, for twelve years, surrounded by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Sister Ellie Wiegand

Sister Ellie Wiegand seems happiest when she is busy. That was evident during her interview for Connecting, when she noted that not only was she being interviewed, but she also had two banana breads and two coffee cakes in the oven.

Sister Jean Mulloy

Sister Jean Mulloy’s ministries have taken her down a rewarding pathway. Her first ministry was at Cathedral High School in the South End. For Sister Jean, who entered in 1953, her classroom assignments expanded into much more as Cathedral’s enrichment programs for children.

Sister Anna Edge

Sometimes, they call Sister Anna Edge the ‘computer doctor’ because responding to calls for technical help is part of her day. She loves her ministry working in the IT Department of the Congregation because it allows her to use her gifts and talents to further the mission of the sisters.

Sister Nancy Braceland

Sister Nancy Braceland is a risk taker. Throughout her ministries, she has pushed boundaries, sometimes choosing the unknown. She states, “I choose to be with the immigrant. Sometimes we forget that’s our history: that either we or our ancestors were once immigrants – we have to remember this.”

Sister Diane Neumeyer

Sister Diane Neumeyer’s 57 years as an educator culminated last spring with a very special surprise. The Jackson School, where she taught for 20 years, 12 of these as the librarian, honored her by naming the school library after her. “It was a surprise.

Sister Mary Black

Sister Mary Black readily admits she “misses teaching a lot.” But, that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying her retirement, and “dabbling” in many different interests. Sister Mary finds that now, she can be more prayerful, and has time to read and learn more.

Sister Mary Mills

When Sister Mary Mills was growing up, nursing was “the last thing” on her mind as a career. After she entered the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston in 1945, she taught fourth through eighth grades for 35 years and loved it.

Sister Helene Higgins

For the past seven years, Sister Helene Higgins’ ministry has been providing parish and community outreach services for New Hampshire Catholic Charities. She sees it as a way “to help people (get) around the corner.” “Hopefully,” she said during a recent interview, “we are helping them move their lives forward.”…

Sister Barbara McHugh

Barbara McHugh, CSJ was educated and nurtured by Sisters who influenced her future. It was because of this influence that she began thinking of entering religious life in the eighth grade. A graduate of St. Mary’s School, Brookline, MA, Aquinas Junior College, Newton, and Suffolk University, Barbara entered the Sisters…

Sister Nanine Tuller

Each of us has unique gifts or talents, that when fully developed, can be instrumental in the nurturing and the growth of others. Nanine Tuller, CSJ, inherited her artistic gifts, which, combined with her calling to serve God, has brought her love of God, and her many talents to all…

Sister Patricia Cushing

When studying the Word of God, you’ll never be led astray. These apt words from Patricia Cushing, CSJ’s father were the “breadth of vision that was part of my upbringing,” recalls Patricia during a recent interview. Patricia was born on April 4, 1946, in Quincy, MA, to Robert and Natalie Cushing.

Sister Peggy Comfrey

Margaret (Peggy) Comfrey, CSJ ministers with a passion for socialjustice. She truly believes, “We stand for the poor in the struggle forjustice, incarnating hope, by seeking to improve the quality of life. In accordwith our tradition, we engage in spiritual and corporal works of mercy so thatjustice and peace, freedom…

Sister Pat Andrews

We all develop a sense of self from many different factors. People, events, and places contribute to who we are, and who we will become. Patricia (Pat) Andrews’ parents had a strong sense of family, religion and neighborhood involvement.

Sister Marie Doyle

Prior to Vatican II, when ministries were assigned and education directed, Marie Doyle, CSJ recalls waiting expectantly for her choice of teaching subjects. “My first choice was psychology, second was theology, and my third choice was English.