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We, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, are ordinary women from all walks of life.

We are sisters, associates, agrégées, and partners in mission. In all we are and do, we hope to be women and men of unifying love, freeing others to be themselves in Christ.

Together, we contribute to a world desperately in need of unity. We collaborate in this mission with Sisters of St. Joseph and lay partners all over the world who move always towards profound love of God and love of the dear neighbor without distinction.

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Artifact of the Month: The Handmade & the Rare

For the month of April, Boston CSJ Archives highlighted works authored by Sisters of St. Joseph and rare books. Dates of publication vary and some books are self-published, but these books highlight the diversity and creativity of CSJs. To highlight the creativity and knowledge of CSJ authors, a few books are on display for April.

Julianne Shanklin Welcomed as CSJ Boston Candidate

Recently, Julianne Shanklin requested to be received as a candidate with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. After a period of mutual discernment between Julianne and the congregation, the Leadership Team, and several who have journeyed with her, participated in a simple yet profound service to welcome Julianne as a candidate.

Artifact of the Month: The Best Parts About Teaching

What are the best parts about teaching? When asked this question, Sisters Kay Decker and Elizabeth Joseph Toomey responded, ‘the students, watching their progression, laughing with them, working on improving their academic skills and creating a community within the classroom.

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Our Ministries

We fulfill our mission through a diversity of ministries inspired by the ever-changing needs of the Church and the world; we build right relationships and community where we live and work.

These ministries address the interconnectedness of housing, literacy, justice and peace, education, healthcare and more. They embrace our core values of gracious hospitality, love and service of the dear neighbor without distinction, peaceful resolution of conflict, and care for all God’s creation.

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FALL/WINTER 2023 | VOL. 9 | NO. 1