Fall Fun Festival 

Mary Beth O’Sullivan, Ignatian Volunteer

The invitation was extended for fun, food, and fall festivities at Casserly House and thirteen neighborhood children responded, four of them new to Casserly HousePizza was eagerly consumed before the children ventured to Roslindale Village Main Streets’ organized trick-or-treating. One child commented “This is the best day of my life” as her bag was filled with treats.

Painting at ViHealthy!

After trick-or-treating and face painting, back at Casserly House, the children creatively decorated cookies and pumpkins while others bobbed for apples to celebrate fall while respecting various family traditions. A water balloon toss and leafblowing contest rounded out the day with prizes for all! This festival was our newest team member’s first family engagement activity. We were all grateful to Lindsay for shaping a wonderful event! 

Leaf blowing game!

Trick or Treating!

Upper left: A miniature grim reaper (Jahaziel) wields a scythe during the water ballon toss! 

Upper right: Melia ponders what colors to paint her pumpkin.

Left: Mamadou and Jayanna bob for apples!