A Harvest of Gratitude and Hope…

Denise Edinger, CSJA

Amidst the falling leaves of late November, Sisters, Associates, and Agrégées gathered at Saint Joseph Hall for our annual visit. As always, we were warmly welcomed by the residents.

Lunch and conversation began the afternoon, acquaintances were renewed, and seeds of new friendships were sown.

Following lunch, everyone gathered for the afternoon program in the community room. In preparation for the meeting, Associates Donna Sordello and Janice Young invited each sister to respond to three simple questions: the year of entrance to the Community; a memorable highlight of their life as a CSJ, and their message to the Associates.
A rose was presented to each sister as her thoughts were shared. Ministry memories…children’s smiles…..first missions…. each response was a reflection of each sisters’ love of God and the dear neighbor. Messages to the Associates encouraged prayerfulness, while embracing and living our charism. A sincere appreciation of our presence with and among the sisters was also a strong message.


Left to right: Carole Anne Scott, CSJA, Nancy Lane, Mary MacGillivray, CSJA, Rita Cormier, CSJA

Left to right: Virginia O’Connell, CSJ, Mary Duffy, SSJ, Jaklin Ungras, Alice Mary Brady, CSJ, Sandra Selvarajah, CSJA, Teresa Vesey, CSJ

Roses to be presented to all sisters at St. Joseph Hall