Luncheon attendees

Transporting Joy!

Celebrating 10 Years of the Transportation Program

Helen Power, CSJ

In early May, Jean Mulloy, Director of our Transportation Program, invited the drivers to gather for lunch to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program. Perhaps it could be called a “Community of Transportation” in recognizing all the give and take this experience of community invites us to share – skill, time, presence.

This lunch was a time to thank the outgoing Community Counselors for their support and encouragement during their five-year term. They, in turn, gave thanks to Jean and the participants. Flowers flowed.

There was a special recognition of Susan Reilly, CSJ, for her 17 years of coordinating and driving service to Bethany Health Care Center. Susan Lynch, who is now coordinating the driving at Bethany, was unable to attend the meeting, but Jean plans to meet with her soon to schedule some “fun rides” for the Bethany sisters.

Margaret Lelakes, CSJA, shares her experience as a driver.

Mary Esposito was present and acknowledged as she is now contributing to the program by servicing the sisters at St. Joseph Hall. Mary takes the sisters to doctor’s appointments, pleasure trips, and visiting of relatives — as well as running errands for them as needed.

Kathy Tighe, CSJA, shared what the experience has meant for her, saying,“These were special visits. More than transporting one to a destination, it was a visit of companionship and presence, getting to know sisters and enjoying being with them. It was a joyful time for me. I miss being with the sisters.”

Margaret Lelakes, CSJA expressed a feeling of connection with our charism of hospitality, a time to listen as Sisters shared life experiences and all the ministries that are a part of their story, stating, “It is a privilege to participate.”

Jean Mulloy, CSJ, shares the statistics of destinations.

 Jean shared a chart showing the statistics of destinations. She expressed that this was more than numbers. She encouraged participants to see this as a testament to all the good they have done.

While most of the rides have been medical due to COVID, the program expands beyond medical. It may be for a short shopping trip, a special ice cream place, or a scenic ride for a change of milieu. “The Community of Transportation” is ready to assist.