Distinguished Book Award
conferred on Mary J. Oates, CSJ, Ph.D.
for her publication:

Mary J. Oates, Pursuing Truth: How Gender Shaped Catholic Education at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 2021.

This past June, Mary Oates, CSJ, was awarded the Distinguished Book Award at the Conference on the History of Women Religious by the University of Notre Dame’s Cushwa Center, a leading institution of research on the history of American Catholic Experience. This is no small feat. There is only one awardee – among a multitude of recent publications on the history of women religious – every THREE years! Sr. Mary’s book was celebrated for the following reasons. As cited by the Cushwa Center, the publication:

  1. “explores the nuanced complexity of founding and sustaining a Catholic women’s college”
  2. “provides a comprehensive and well-researched history of the first Catholic college in America to award the four-year baccalaureate degree to women”
  3. “reminds the Catholic community and academic scholars of the cultural and academic importance of Catholic women’s colleges in the history of American Catholicism”
  4. “provides an excellent example of an institutional history”

Reading how religion, gender, and education intersect in American history informs our understanding of current events. Now is your chance — order Pursuing Truth  the book and read the book for yourself!


Follow this link to Cornell University Press.