One of the slides from Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ’s presentation

The Face of Human Trafficking

Denise Edinger, CSJA

Lingering summer temperatures greeted associates, agrégées, and sisters as we gathered on September 9th for our first meeting of the year. Coffee and conversation lent a hint of excitement and enthusiasm as we reconnected once again with those who share our journey.

Our program for the day focused on the sobering reality of human trafficking, a difficult topic but one that calls us to be present and aware of the unseen reality that is all around us. “We remember that all peoples are our family, and together we need to act to end the human trafficking of women, men and children.”

These served as prayerful words as Sister Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ, (Sister Marlie) unfolded her presentation. The scope of the problem, evident in the eye-opening statistics, called to us to question: “How can I make a difference?” Answers, while evasive, probe the small ways in which we can help the victims. Once again, we are invited to participate in Sister Marlie’s Bags of Love project. We may never know what a difference we make. As Maya Angelou reminds us: “Good done anywhere is good done everywhere.”

As CSJ Associates and Agrégées, we stand with the Sisters of Saint Joseph to denounce the slavery of human trafficking in all its forms, in every place where it exists. Thank you, Sister Marlie.