A Call to Join as One in Prayer 7 AM or 7 PM from now until the presidential election

Leaders as Leaven is a program of the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph designed to develop leadership skills in vowed members, associates, and agrégées of member congregations.  Current and past congregational leaders served as mentors within this program. Three groups of participants have completed the process. This prayer was composed by the third group as they recently gathered to conclude their participation.

Joining as One in Prayer

Sisters of Saint Joseph and Associates from across the United States and beyond recently gathered in Latham, NY, for a Federation leadership experience (Leaders as Leaven).

Believing in the power of focused energy flowing from our prayer, we the participants of the leadership event, invite you to join with us in daily communal contemplation.

We invite you to set aside five to ten minutes of contemplative prayer for our country during this critical time in our political environment.

In this way, we hope to be leaven for unity in our world and to participate in God’s desire that all may be one.

Suggested time for contemplative prayer:

7 AM or 7 PM

from now until the presidential election