Earth Day 2021  is almost here! 

On Saturday, here at our Motherhouse, we had an early celebration!

Here are some excerpts and pictures from the blessing prayer of the garden.

We give thanks for this soil teaming with life, the tools and seeds, the hands and backs to work the land,
so that many may be fed by the food grown here.
We give thanks for this garden.

Bless us all that we may be truly at one with the integrity of all Creation.
Strengthen us as inhabitants of your magnificent garden, our sacred Earth,
to speak up when it is being abused and misused,
to stand firm in our conviction to be faithful contributors to the health of our common home.

May we learn to love and care for our common home
by caring for this garden.
May we grow closer to God and to one another as we work in the garden together.

May we all be blessed.

Prayer excerpted from a program of