Aug 12-16, 2019:
Anti-Gun Violence
Join Our CSSJ Federation Week-long Social Media Campaign

In response to our recent corporate voice statement calling for an end to gun violence, The U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph is participating in a Anti-Gun Violence Social Media campaign  from Monday, August 12 through Friday, August 16. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston is running this campaign alongside the Federation to amplify the reach. You can be a part of widening the reach by visiting our csjboston Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram channels [see icon links at bottom and top of our website].

Day 1: Prayer

“One thing you can do today is pray that we can turn our anger and sadness into advocacy and action.”





Day 2: Call

 “One thing you can do today is contact your senators and ask them to pass the bipartisan background checks bill that was passed by the House earlier this year.”


Day 3: Join a Local Organization:

“One thing you can do today is join a local organization in your area that is advocating against gun violence or supporting victims of gun violence.”


  • Moms Demand Action:
  • Everytown for Gun Violence:
  • This info will be posted today on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. If you use these social media platforms, please watch for this and share it with others.


Day 4- Educate:

“One thing you can do today is educate yourself on the roles systemic racism and white supremacy ideology play in contemporary justice issues.”


Day 5- Examine:

“One thing you can do today is examine yourself and your relationships for implicit bias to better understand the roots of prejudice in our society.” 


The Sisters of St. Joseph Call for to an End to Gun Violence Statement
download printable copy here