The U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph
Resolves to Create Communion
at the Intersection of Racism, Migration & Climate Crisis

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AUGUST, 2019: Since our founding in 1650, the Sisters of St. Joseph have responded to the needs of the times, creating communion in a disconnected world. Today, as we live out our mission of unifying love for the healing and transformation of the world, we are heartbroken by the myriad ways our one human family and Earth, our common home, suffer from disconnection, indifference, violence and fear in the face of racism, migration, and climate crisis.

Recognizing the intersection of the issue of racism, migration and climate crisis, the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph joins with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in recommitting to a compassionate response to the cries of our brothers and sisters and our Earth.

We recognize a sense of urgency and commit to prayer, education and advocacy. We pledge to go deeper into the critical work of recognizing racism and a systemic, structural cause underlying and contributing to these multiple situations of injustice. We will engage in a contemplative process to address our own complicity in these unjust systems and commit to using our collective voice, human and financial resources, and power in collaboration with others to establish justice that reflects God’s unifying love.