Bethany Hill Place – Interviewed by “The Framingham Beat”

Recently, Trish Appert, Executive Director of Bethany Hill Place, was interviewed on “The Framingham Beat.”

The interview can be viewed here.

 Stories of Your Neighborhood, The Framingham Beat

BHP TrishAppert w show host

Bethany Hill Place [BHP] is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston which offers affordable, educational housing to more than 150 individuals and families every year.  BHP seeks to serve households that have experienced homelessness, addiction, violence and loss by providing for basic needs in the form of safe, affordable housing.  BHP also provides learning opportunities that help residents to strive toward achieving an independent and successful future.  The BHP model requires residents to set individualized learning goals and involve themselves in education and/or training to make progress toward that goal.