Betty Cawley, CSJ, Honored

Betty Cawley

Betty Cawley, CSJ (left) with Marianne McLaughlin, Chair of BHD Board.

On April 28, 2016 the Bethany Hill Place [BHP] Spring Gala, Betty Cawley, CSJ, was honored with the Bethany Hill Place Tree of Live Medallion. This tree is both a reference to Bethany Hill Place’s new logo and also serves as a symbol of their sincere thanks for Betty’s many contributions in bringing the Mission to LIFE at Bethany Hill.

In presenting this honor, Marianne McLaughlin, Chair of the BHP board, explained, “The roots of the tree dig deep and draw nourishment from the earth. These roots represent our deep CSJ heritage from which we draw our mission and charism. The trunk of the tree establishes the strength and foundation which is our community of neighbors, volunteers and supporters like you. The canopy of branches provides protection and shelter just as Bethany Hill Place provides a safe and supportive environment for our residents. The leaves transform sunshine and carbon dioxide into the air we breathe while the tree’s fruit gives us nourishment. At Bethany Hill Place, commitment to hard work and education transforms our residents’ lives and provides nourishment for their futures.”

Betty received thanks and recognition as a member of the Bethany Hill family.  In 2016, Betty Cawley, CSJ, will have completed 20 years of service on the Bethany Hill Board.

Betty graduated high school from Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton and joined the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1953.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Regis College and then went on to earn a PhD in Greek and Latin Classics from Tufts University. In 1971, she joined the faculty of Regis College.

From 1986 to 1994, Betty served in a leadership role as Assistant President of the CSJ Leadership team. It was during this time that the Congregation’s vision for Bethany Hill School was first proposed, nurtured, and brought to life by its founders, many of whom were present at the Gala.

Sr. Betty also served on Bethany Hill School’s first Board when its doors opened in 1994. For 20 of Bethany Hill’s 22 years, Bethany Hill’s mission has benefited from Sr. Betty’s Guidance, her extensive experience in Administration, Board Governance and Education, and her personal commitment to bringing the CSJ charism to life at Bethany Hill