Come to the Water

Mary Rita Weschler CSJA, and Linda Boothroyd, Administrative Assistant of the Women’s Table

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On May 5th, 2024, wonderful, loving years of friendship were celebrated and renewed as mothers of children with special needs gathered for a meaningful retreat at Mt. Carmel Villa in Nahant, MA. This group of Miracle Mothers has been together for the past fifteen years, loving, supporting and encouraging each other. Their children face various challenges as these women have given them roots and encouraged them to spread their wings and believe in themselves and all of their possibilities.

Rosemary Mulvihill, CSJ, guided those present, in a gentle and encouraging way, stressing the importance of self-care, and resting in God’s love. She opened the morning session by asking, “What is God calling you to today?” After quiet time for reflection, those present shared their desire for the day. The song, “Come to the Water” echoed God’s invitation to come, relax, and seek renewal near the ocean. The sun was shining, and the water sparkled in the distance. The depth of sharing and reflection was especially meaningful, particularly because many of these mothers have grown together through the Mother’s Circle over many years.

Although the retreat, itself, occurred on Saturday, several mothers arrived on Friday night and enjoyed reconnecting with one another and relaxing in this beautiful setting. Volunteers, Jean Plausky, CSJ, Fran Butler, SSND, Irene Desharnais, and Pat Daley created a hospitable and welcoming atmosphere for all.

The chorus of a new song to many of us, “So I Leave My Boats Behind” by Frank Andersen underscored the importance of this day and our precious moments together. “So I leave my boats behind! Leave them on familiar shores! Set my heart upon the deep! Follow you again, my Lord!”

Indeed, these were sacred moments, as we left cares and concerns behind, and trusted in God’s love. We departed with the “Blessing of the Seed” by Jan Richardson and acknowledged the potential of a tiny seed in our hands, and the amazing work that God and each of us can achieve together!