Donor Appreciation
Celebration of Gratitude

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, we offered a virtual Donor Appreciation Prayer Service.
The celebration was live-streamed and can still be viewed at the following link:
A Service of Gratitude

To access the on-demand recording of the prayer:
• click the link above
• click the big yellow button in the middle of the black screen
• There is 15 minutes of lead time before the service begins. [Think of it as virtual gathering time.]
• If you hover your cursor or mouse in the lower-left corner, you will find the bar where you can manually advance the video.
• The actual service starts a few seconds after the 15 minute lead time.
• In order to advance to the 15-minute mark, click on the gray line and slowly drag the yellow dot across to the 15-minute mark. [or you can just sit and watch everyone as they gather!]