Jeanmarie Gribaudo, CSJ recognized by Merrimack for work with Austin Scholars Program.



Pictured left Jeanmarie Gribaudo, CSJ holding her cardboard cut-out given to her by the students.

After six years as Director of the Austin Scholars at Merrimack College, Jeanmarie Gribaudo, CSJ, is stepping down. During her tenure, she oversaw the remarkable growth of this program which is   Merrimack’s oldest living-learning community. Jeanmarie leaves Merrimack with a robust, vibrant program focused on service and formation. Although SJ, as she is called by her students, will be greatly missed, Austin Scholars will continue on the solid foundation she established. Merrimack College is grateful for her boundless energy, her extraordinary commitment to her students, and her passion for the Austin Scholars program.