Forms of Relationship

The Community of Joseph

What we refer to as the “charism” of the Sisters of St. Joseph is a gift given to all of us, sisters, associates, agrégées, and partners in mission, for the good of the world. This gift of the Spirit compels us to live and work in such a way that the prayer of Jesus ‘that all may be one” may be experienced in our time and into the future.

This gift finds expression in the mission: helping to bring about unity of “neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God.” This mission belongs to all of us. The diversity of the community allows us to reach out in so many different ways to so many different people. Together, we contribute to a world desperately in need of unity. We are united in this mission with Sisters of St. Joseph and lay partners all over the world.

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Interested in Becoming a Sister of St. Joseph?

are ordinary women of the Church
who are called to live the Gospel
in a manner that witnesses to
God’s inclusive love.
We express our love of God and neighbor
through public vows
of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
We see relationship at the heart of mission
and strive to be for others
a visible sign of God’s active, inclusive love.

As Sisters of St. Joseph, we . . .
Dedicate our lives to bringing God’s
unifying love to a broken world
Live a life of personal and communal prayer
Commit to growing together in community
Companion others on their spiritual journeys
Promote the well-being of Earth and the
global neighborhood
Express God’s unifying love through a variety
of ministries and works of justice serving the
dear neighbor without distinction



Interested in Becoming an Agrégée?

are single women called by God
to express our commitment
through a lifelong non-canonical vow.
We vow to God
fidelity to the charism
of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston
with the congregation
in the spirit of the Gospel.

As Agrégées, we . . .
Express in our lives the grace of
active inclusive love
Engage in daily prayer in order to center our
lives in God and deepen our care for the dear neighbor
Live out the charism in all the activities of our daily lives and work
Offer service within the congregation and share in efforts for justice
Participate with the sisters in furthering the life of the congregation


Interested in Becoming an Associate?

are women and men
who desire to share our faith journey
with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston
through the mission of unity.
We acknowledge the call to realize
the prayer of Christ
that all may be one with God
and with one another.

As Associates, we . . .
Commit ourselves to Gospel values
Gather monthly with other associates and sisters to share faith and develop community
Grow in awareness of God’s inclusive love
Respond to Christ’s call to reach out in word
and action to all people without distinction in
our neighborhood and global community
Share the charism, spirituality, and mission
in our daily relationships while fulfilling our
personal vocations



Partners in Mission

Interested in Becoming a Partner in Mission?

are women and men
who embody the spirit and values
of the Sisters of St. Joseph
and further the mission of unity.
Some of us work with the sisters
as employees, trustees, and volunteers
in the ministries and the congregation.
Others of us are donors and occasional volunteers.
Still others, though not formally connected,
live daily in a way that brings the mission to life.

As Partners in Mission, we . . .
Recognize the gift of the charism of unifying
love in ourselves
Are committed to deepening our relationship
with God and living lives of integrity and
Lend our personal gifts and talents in support
of the mission
Join with the community in prayerful
celebrations and works of justice

National Vocation Awareness Week

National Vocation Awareness Week (NVAW) is an annual week-long celebration of the Catholic Church in the United States dedicated to promote vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life through prayer and education, and to renew our prayers and support for those who are considering one of these particular vocations. NVAW began in 1976. Beginning in 2014, NVAW was moved to the first full week of November. Each day during this week, take time to ask yourself, “What is it that I plan to do with my one wild and precious life?” [adapted from The Summer Day by Mary Oliver]

Interested in Becoming an Associate?

Associates are women and men who desire to share our faith journey with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston through the mission of unity and reconciliation Learn more at…

Interested in Becoming an Agrégée?

In June 2017, we welcomed interested women as agrégée candidates. Agrégée (ah‐greh‐zhay) is a French word meaning “attached to.” This form of relationship dates back to seventeenth century France when the Sisters of St. Joseph were founded. Learn more at…