CSJ Associate Stories

Associate Magalie Rowe – Torres

Reflecting on the source of inspiration for my ministries, I have realized that the Sisters of St. Joseph of London, Ontario, played a key role in shaping my understanding of service. At the age of twelve, I learned from their example and teaching that the best way to serve God is to serve the dear neighbor. . . .

Catherine Sabatini, CSJA

As I reflect on the fabric of my life, my Hope is that my parents would be proud of my tapestry. Their example initiated that fabric! I admire how they followed their dream, moving from the Bronx to Northern Westchester, New York in order to raise their children and assume ownership of a thoroughbred horse stable. Because they dared to live their dream, my childhood was blessed with Opportunities others could only imagine! Read more. . .

Mickie Urban, CSJA

Growing up, my dear mother was an inspiration and an example of how a true Christian should live. Her love and example inspired me to answer God’s call to religious life. However, after several years I realized that religious life was not meant for me. I moved to Albuquerque, was hired by the Albuquerque Public Schools, and worked in a low-income area with a Black, White, and Hispanic population.

Associate Helen Hickey

When I thought about this article, I wondered, “Why me? I’m just an ordinary person!” But Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates often say, “We are ordinary people from all walks of life.” I grew up in South Boston in a family of four children. We attended St.

Associate Eva Arnott

How did I reach my mid-seventies and be at the point where my highest priority is to be a good Catholic Christian? I was influenced by the daily liturgical readings – particularly from St. Paul – the advice he gave his parishioners is so necessary in our parishes, even 2000…

Associate Cecile Darcy

Cecile Darcy, fondly called Ceil, is a woman of deep faith. She was educated through her first eight grades by the Sisters of St. Joseph. She and her sister first realized that they were both poor and loved when a sister beckoned and took them aside to give them some…

Associate Kathy Tighe

Meet Kathy Tighe, newly elected to our CSJ Associate Leadership Team. For those who may be unfamiliar with the Associate Program, CSJ Associates are lay people who share the faith journey of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston while affirming their own vocations.

Associate Mary Rita Weschler

Throughout her life, Mary Rita Weschler, CSJA, has relocated. She moved as a child, a college student, a graduate student, and to various jobs as an adult. When she came to Boston, she found the home she was looking for.

Associate Sandra Selvarajah

I am an immigrant. I came to the United States with my family, leaving Sri Lanka – a country torn apart by civil life. I grew up in a small, predominantly middle class community in Sri Lanka, called the Burghers, descendents of Dutch and British citizens who married among the…

Associate Michele Audet

I’m an immigrant myself, although life for immigrants in Boston today is quite different from when I grew up as a Canadian immigrant in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Associate Joyce Barney

A few years ago, Joyce Barney attended a CSJ Associate meeting at Casserly House. Nancy Braceland, CSJ, told about what happens at Casserly House and about volunteer opportunities.