Agrégée Relationship

In June 2017, we welcomed interested women as agrégée candidates. Agrégée (ah-greh-zhay) is a French word meaning “attached to.” This form of relationship dates back to seventeenth century France when the Sisters of St. Joseph were founded. At that time there were three forms of affiliation with the congregation: vowed religious sisters, agrégées and associates.

Different from sisters and associates, agrégées are single Catholic women who are called to commit themselves to Christ by embracing the mission of unifying love of the Sisters of St. Joseph, and connecting themselves to the Congregation through prayer and personal relationships. Candidates usually participate in a three-year formation process before acceptance as agrégées. The agrégées make a lifetime commitment through a vow of fidelity to live in the spirit of the Gospel. Agrégées may remain in their own homes and continue with their independent lives. They are responsible for their own financial affairs, including healthcare and retirement.

Following informational meetings that were held during the past two years, interested women were asked to participate in an interview process and submit a letter requesting candidacy. Each candidate has been assigned a professed sister-mentor to companion her through this journey.

Prayer is an important part of the formation process. The first year is dedicated to exploring the uniqueness of vocation and call, studying and experiencing various types of prayer, and developing and sharing theological reflection. Candidates will participate in a small prayer/faith sharing group and spiritual direction. Following the first year, the process includes the study of various topics including the charism and history of the Congregation and the Agrégée Constitution.

In summary, the Agrégée Relationship

is open to single Catholic women and requires a lifetime non‐canonical vow of fidelity. There is usually a 3‐year formation process.
Each woman continues with independent living arrangements and has the option to live in “community”. The agrégée maintains personal responsibility for finances, health care, retirement, funeral expenses and indebtedness.

For more information about becoming an Agrégée call Maryann Enright, CSJ at 617-746-1685 or fill out the form below.

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