Integrity of Creation



Laudato Si’ – Celebrating Earth

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston joined millions of Catholics around the world in celebrating Laudato Si’ week, a commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the publication of Pope Francis’s first encyclical. The them for the celebration was “Everything is Connected.”

During Laudato Si’ week, five members of our Boston CSJ Earth Book Club each prepared personal reflections on favorite parts of Laudato Si’ and its relevance today. Each reflection ends with a question for your personal reflection. 




Reflection: “Called to a deeper relationship” Helen Power, CSJ





Reflection: “Becoming the change we want to be”  Patricia Cushing, CSJ





Reflection: “Being passionate lovers of God’s earth”  Maryann Enright, CSJ





Reflection: “In communion with all that surrounds us”  Joanne Gallagher, CSJ




Reflection: “The environment and humanity are inseparable”  Joanne Fantini, CSJ Agrégée



Earth Day Turns 50

Join Us for a Virtual Celebration of Earth Week

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, the week of April 19-25, 2020 is being celebrated as Earth Week.  Each day this week you will find a quote from our CSJ Corporate Stance on Care for the Earth, which we publicly declared on Earth Day 1992. We continue to try to live by the aspirations of this declaration. The full text of this Corporate Stance is available below.

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CSJ Corporate Stance on Care for the Earth

In April 2018 the Catholic Climate Covenant launched a campaign to collect endorsements from Catholic organizations to the Catholic Climate Declaration.  This document is meant to express solidarity with the “We Are Still In” campaign.  Both efforts address commitment to action to address climate change.  On June 18, 2018, the Catholic Climate Covenant published the names of Catholic institutions throughout the United States who signed the declaration through their leadership.  The date coincided with the third anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si’.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston signed the Declaration.

U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration

As Catholic communities, organizations, and institutions in the United States, we join with state, tribal, and local governments, as well as businesses, financial institutions, and other faith organizations, to declare that we are still in on actions that meet the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. U. S. Catholic Climate Declaration


In his 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’, Pope Francis raised universal awareness of the interconnectedness of all creation, and of our duty to safeguard the resources of the earth, our “common home.” In 1992, at a time of growing awareness of our call to care for all creation, we Sisters of St. Joseph developed a corporate stance on behalf of the earth, which has guided our consciousness and our actions to preserve the integrity of the earth and the dignity and well-being of all humankind.    

Corporate Stance on Behalf of the Earth (April 12, 1992)

We, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston and Associates – as individuals, as local communities, as Congregation, as peoples of the earth, in the spirit of our charism of unity and reconciliation, call ourselves to transformation of our relationship with the earth and all creation.

Joining together in the struggle to live out this call, we commit ourselves:

  • To contemplate and proclaim the presence of God in the whole of creation.
  • To recognize the web of life…the unity and interdependence of all creation.
  • To cherish the earth as our sacred home, to reverence her holiness, and to rejoice in her beauty.
  • To initiate or support efforts to heal the earth’s damaged environment, to restore balance and harmony to the natural life-processes of the earth as an expression of our charism of reconciliation.
  • To reaffirm our call to stand with the poor in their struggle for justice by sharing the finite resources of the planet justly.
  • To insure the fullness of life for future generations by adopting lifestyles, values and practices which help to sustain renewable resources and preserve the diversity of creation. In simplicity and joy, we commit ourselves to being Passionate lovers of God’s earth.