Care of Creation

We Sisters of St. Joseph consider our Corporate Stance on Behalf of the Earth our bedrock commitment to care for our common home.

The publication of Laudato Si’ in 2015 gave new impetus to our efforts, including current involvement with the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, a global effort to address the goals of Laudato Si’. Annually we participate in the Season of Creation (Sept. 1-Oct. 4), Laudato Si’ Week (May), Earth Day (April), and ongoing advocacy for issues connected to care for the earth.

CSJ Corporate Stance on Behalf of the Earth (April 12, 1992)

We, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston and Associates – as individuals, as local communities, as a Congregation, as peoples of the earth, in the spirit of our charism of unity and reconciliation, call ourselves to the transformation of our relationship with the earth and all creation.

Joining together in the struggle to live out this call, we commit ourselves:

  • To contemplate and proclaim the presence of God in the whole of creation.
  • To recognize the web of life…the unity and interdependence of all creation.
  • To cherish the earth as our sacred home, to reverence her holiness, and to rejoice in her beauty.
  • To initiate or support efforts to heal the earth’s damaged environment, to restore balance and harmony to the natural life processes of the earth as an expression of our charism of reconciliation.
  • To reaffirm our call to stand with the poor in their struggle for justice by sharing the finite resources of the planet justly.
  • To ensure the fullness of life for future generations by adopting lifestyles, values, and practices which help to sustain renewable resources and preserve the diversity of creation. In simplicity and joy, we commit ourselves to being Passionate lovers of God’s earth.

Important Dates

Season of Creation: Sept 1st – Oct 4th

To learn more about Care of Creation contact Peggy Comfrey, CSJ at