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Meet our Associate Team 

Our leaders… help to organize our efforts as a group of associates, help to unite us, and serve as supportive figures in each current and future associate’s journey. 

Kathie Shute’s journey with the Sisters of St. Joseph began during her years at Regis College. Inspired by sisters there, she volunteered as a teacher, working with CSJs in New Mexico. Now, as a CSJ Associate and a member of the Associate Leadership Team, she continues to be inspired as she strives to live our charism of unifying love, remembering: “. . . the lace. . . is now in our hands.”

Carole Anne Scott is a devout cradle Catholic whose faith journey was shaped by inspiration received from all-CSJ faculties at her grammar school and at Fontbonne Academy. Being an Associate gives her many opportunities to reflect upon how God is acting in her life. In this badly broken world, our CSJ charism urges her to strive for unity while speaking truth to power and constantly reaching out to help those in need.

To learn more about our associate relationship, contact the associate leadership team…

Kathie Shute: kathieshute@csjboston.org

Carole Anne Scott: caroleannescott@csjboston.org

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