Fontbonne, The Early College of Boston
Stands in Solidarity with Asian and Asian-American Students


Maura Spignesi, Head of School at Fontbonne, shared this message with the wider Fontbonne family including the Sisters of St. Joseph Corporation for Sponsored Ministries. We share it here with all of you. 

Dear Fontbonne Community, 

As a nation, we are once again faced with the painful realities of racism and violence in our society.  We have bore witness to a rise of anti-Asian racism; most notably with the recent hate incidents reported across the country and the shooting deaths of six Asian women in Atlanta, Georgia. 

During our Feast of St. Joseph liturgy today, our community prayed for our nation and in solidarity with our Asian and Asian-American members. We look to St. Joseph, our model of justice, and his healing presence to help us unify the world.  The recent events are deeply troubling to all of us and threaten the core values of our community and society.  Fontbonne is a diverse community who is deeply affected and moved towards working for racial justice and building a unified community.  Our mission calls for us to stand against these acts of hatred and stand in solidarity with our Asian and Asian-American students, faculty and staff, alumnae and the wider community.

We affirm our commitment to the incredible diversity that defines the excellence in our school as we work together to build a safer and more inclusive environment. We will never experience equality and peace, for any of us, as long as violence born of hatred and xenophobia is present in our lives.

Our student leaders will work with the ALC to plan a time for our community to listen, share and reflect on the change that can begin with us. 

Fontbonne comes together as the Sisters of St. Joseph have called us to do; to love one another without distinction.  We are women of courage made strong.

Many blessings,

Head of School