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My journey began...

My journey began in 2008 with an invitation to “Come and See” what CSJ Boston associates were called to be. I discovered people who shared my spiritual values. Later, I accompanied sisters and associates to France to visit the origins of the community. This deepened my understanding of the strength and love our sisters had for the poor and disadvantaged. Standing in the kitchen in Le Puy was a moving and spiritual experience that I have never forgotten.

– Margaret Lelakes, CSJA 

It has strengthened my faith...

For years I have served in community and church organizations. In Santa Rosa, NM, we have been blessed by the works of the sisters. Being an associate has strengthened my faith and deepened my prayer life. The spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph has helped me become more attentive to the presence of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in my daily life and to the needs of the “dear neighbor.”  

– Mabel Flores, CSJA 

I'm blessed by this connection

I first learned about the CSJ Associates through my work at Bethany Health Care Center. Bethany is holy ground and is filled with the CSJ charism. Staff, sisters and lay residents have touched my life in so many ways that, even years afterward, they continue to be guides and a great gift to me. The associate relationship means so many things to me: a place of grounding and comfort, a place of learning, a place of seeking. I am blessed by this connection many times over.

– Suzanne Bradford 

A powerful act of selfless love...

The courage of the sisters to venture out and live in neighborhoods to serve the needs of their communities is a powerful act of selfless love. The rich tradition of the CSJs, rooted in Ignatian/Salesian Spirituality, strengthens my call to prayer and service.  Reflecting on the charism and mission, I continue to deepen my union with God and the “dear neighbor” without distinction. Our faith journey takes us down different paths. Prayer, reflection, and the support of the Family of Joseph continue to guide me on this unending faith journey.      


– Michele Audet, CSJA 

I felt called to join...

In 2003, Sisters Helen Halligan and Ann Kaufman had a meeting about becoming a CSJ Associate. I felt called to join and have enjoyed my 19-year journey.

– Pablita Abeyta, CSJA 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can become a CSJ Associate? 

A: The Associate relationship is open to all who desire to deepen their faith life, share that prayer life with others, and spread the mission of God’s Unifying Love in everyday life. 

CSJ Associates welcome women and men of all faith traditions, cultures, and backgrounds ‒ the “dear neighbor without distinction.” 

Q: How long-lasting is the Associate commitment?

A: Associates make a one-year commitment.

The commitment is renewed each year in May during a liturgy commemorating the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

Q: How many CSJ Associates are there? Where do they live?  

A: Approximately sixty associates live in the Boston area and other cities and towns in eastern Massachusetts; some have retired out of state. 

Another forty associates live in Albuquerque, Santa Rosa, and Clovis, and New Mexico. 

Q: Why become a CSJ Associate? 

A: Associates strive to live the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph in their lives. All of their relationships should be marked by inclusive love and care of the “dear neighbor without distinction.” 

Additional reasons to become an associate might include: to develop a more intentional spiritual practice; to seek opportunities to pray and share with others of similar desires; to deepen the search for a more meaningful life; to heighten awareness and participation in social justice challenges. 


Q: What does commitment to the CSJ Associate relationship involve? 

A: After associates make commitment, they are expected to participate in monthly Associate gatherings as often as possible, and are encouraged to participate in Congregation celebrations, meetings, and gatherings. 

In addition, associates are encouraged to deepen their prayer life, take time for quiet reflection, seek prayer opportunities in person, on-line and in local parishes and, perhaps, participate in a day, weekend, or weeklong retreat. 

Associates are also urged to learn about CSJ Congregation ministries and sponsored ministries, and are encouraged to offer support for these ministries when opportunities arise. This could include financial and/or volunteer support for the ministry. Associates are expected to share in the mission of the sisters ‒ God’s Unifying Love ‒ in every-day life, at work, at home, with family, with friends, and with the “dear neighbor without distinction.” 

Q: What is involved in leaving the Associate relationship? 

A: An associate who wishes to leave the Associate relationship simply communicates this decision to the Director and does not renew the commitment. 

Q: What is charism?

A: Charism is the grace that a person receives from God to carry forward a mission.

Q: What is the CSJ charism?

A: The Charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston is loving God and the dear neighbor without distinction so that all may be one.

Q: Do CSJ Associates assume a financial obligation to the Congregation? 

A: Associates are non-vowed partners who do not undertake financial or legal commitments to the Congregation however, associates do offer their time, talent, and financial support, as they are able. 

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: Contact the Associate Team…

Carole Anne Scott:
Kathie Shute:

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