Sister Mitrina Davidson

We Remember Her In the opening of the buds and in The rebirth of spring.

Sister Mitrina Davidson

April 28, 1923 – April 6, 2017

The last time I saw Sister Mitrina she was slowing sauntering down the sixth floor corridor on her walker, wearing her dark glasses, dressed in a colorful skirt and blouse, and offering her gentle smile. I imagine for many of us present here this morning, especially those who reside and work at Bethany, this is an image of Sister Mitrina that we can also picture. So often Sister Mitrina could be seen on the floors of Bethany, visiting the residents and offering small gifts particularly of candy. One of her constant social calls was of course to her dear friend, Sister Sebastian!

However on the evening of April 6th, God now felt that Sister Mitrina had walked enough. Quietly and noiselessly God invited her to walk toward the direction of her eternal peace.  The sentence from the Book of Wisdom – The souls of the just are in the hand of God – they have found peace articulates for us Sister Mitrina’s new life with God.

As a Sister of St. Joseph Sister Mitrina experienced God’s call to be a teacher, a principal, as well as a Director of Religious Education, many of those years at Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish. It was here that she lived and ministered with Sister Sebastian, and together they enflamed the youthful and adult minds of the parishioners with Catholic teachings, and ministered in extraordinary ways to those living in the Gloucester area. Not so surprising that during these days people witnessed Sister Mitrina and Sister Sebastian, along with their dog Fatha Shea.

Sister Mitrina Davidson was a woman of great prayer. It appears that she was conscious in the depth of her being, that she had been bestowed a great gift by God. She had been selected and chosen to be a child of God.  She was determined to spread this belief to all she met during her life and ministry as a Sister of St. Joseph. Her trust in God’s love for her was strong. She radiated that belief, and was even strengthened by God’s protective love as she ventured into new ministry – parish religious education, even though many Sisters of St. Joseph at that time were still ministering as educators within catholic schools.

Sister Mitrina had little fear because she had internalized Jesus’ words of assurance to be the way, the truth and the life. She believed God wanted her to not only embody God’s truths, but carry the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph into new pastures.

For many the sudden and unexpected death of Sister Mitrina has caused us sadness. We know her passing will be difficult for her nieces and family members as well as for those who loved her.  However, Sister Mitrina’s death can be an inspiration for us. We can visualize her holiness by remembering her actions of love and care. We can savor her joy by recalling Sister Mitrina’s smile and quick wit, and most of all we can stretch our minds to possibilities–searching for God in our daily lives as Sister Mitrina did, attentively listening for God’s invitation to be of service to the dear neighbor, wherever she/he may dwell.

We, the Sisters of St. Joseph give thanks to God for the presence of Sister Mitrina Davidson in our Congregation for the past 75 years. . .We thank her family for enabling many of us to minister with her as a woman religious during these years. We now ask God to grant Sister Mitrina eternal life and peace.

Sister Mitrina, God’s journey for you has been completed. May you rest in the place God has prepared for you.

Gail Donahue, CSJ