Vol. 22 #2 – Spring 2015

As this issue of Connecting goes to print, spring has blossomed, summer is on the horizon, and a deep spirit of appreciation is in the hearts of the Sisters of St. Joseph for you, our donors and benefactors.

Vol. 22 #2 – Spring 2014

The anthropologist, Mary Catherine Batson, wrote a book a few years ago entitled Composing a Further Life. In it, she challenges us to think about and approach our lives “with the full force of imagination, curiosity and enthusiasm.” As we intentionally plan for the ways we can further serve the…

Vol. 22 #1 – Fall 2013

As I write this article, we are still in a World Series moment here in Boston. Though the rolling parade is over, the magic of the season remains. As Sisters of St. Joseph, we also feel like we are in our own special moment as we begin a year of…

Vol. 21 #3 – Spring 2013

As I gaze out my office window a long- standing maple tree is budding forth with wisps of spring green. Natural beauty is emerging to give us new life and new hope, something much needed in our city and world after the senseless tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing.