Sounding Vol. 37#2-Spring 2015

It’s about the poor!” This statement is not from Pope Francis, but a Boston CSJ, who long before the new pope arrived in Rome, consistently had set her life’s focus on those in need and how she and we could respond. View Now

Soundings Vol. 37#1-Fall 2014

“It is wonderful for us to be here …” (Mark 9:5b) This phrase issued forth from Peter as he, Jesus, James and John were atop a high mountain in Israel. These words were not simply said because the view atop the mountain was breathtaking. View Now

Soundings Vol. 36#3-Summer 2014

Cardinal Walter Kasper in his recent book entitled Mercy – The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life states: “Compassion – or as one prefers to say: empathy (the understanding that comes from feeling oneself in another’s shoes) – has become a new and important paradigm in… View Now

Soundings Vol. 36#2- Winter 2014

Indeed, nothing genuinely human fails to raise an echo in their hearts.” These words of the opening paragraph of Gaudium et Spes resonate deeply with our mission and spirituality. This past May, I had the privilege of traveling to Rome to join with 800 leaders of women’s religious congregations from… View Now