Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston Publicly Commit to the
Laudato Si’ Action Platform 

Image of Laudato Si’ Action Platform

The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston publicly commit to join the worldwide Catholic community in responding to Pope Francis’ appeal to participate in a seven-year journey toward sustainability and integral ecology by developing a plan consistent with the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

This commitment marks our willingness:

  • To take up the “urgent appeal” of Laudato Si’ to listen and respond to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor by making it a community priority;
  • To further our ongoing ecological conversion by bringing our members into greater understanding of their socio-ecological vocation within the spirit of our charism;
  • To integrate each of the seven Laudato Si’ goals into our life and apostolates by developing a systematic process to transition to an integral ecology;
  • To take bold concrete actions in the spirit of Laudato Si’ to address the multiple crises afflicting our common home – the planet and its people.
  • To practice nonviolence, as we reconcile and heal the pain in creation and sow hope for peace.

This commitment is made in faith, hope, and love, knowing that we are participating in God’s work of transformation, “for we know that things can change” (LS 13).


The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a unique collaboration between the Vatican, an international coalition of Catholic organizations, and “all men and women of good will.” (LS 3)
Taking a truly ground-up approach, it is rooted in the strengths and realities of communities around the world, empowering all to take “decisive action, here and now” as we journey towards a better future together. (LS 161)