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Celebrating Earth Day 2019

As we entered the chapel for our 2019 celebration of Earth Day, each participant was given a paper and invited to write her commitment to caring for the earth during the year ahead. These were collected and brought forth during the presentation of the gifts. The liturgy included a brief video examination of conscience which asked probing questions about our relationship to the earth. At the conclusion of the liturgy, all processed outside to bless the grounds and gardens. The words from Pope Francis’, “It is not enough to think of different species merely as potential “resources” to be exploited, while overlooking the fact that they have value in themselves…. We have no such right,” [Laudato S1’ 33] were also a part of the celebration. These provide ongoing reflection as we ponder our relationship with Earth, our common home.

Pictured: Masthead: flowers in front of the Motherhouse that were part of the blessing ritual; Maureen Doherty, CSJ, and Barbara McHugh, CSJ, lead those the blessing the grounds; Betty Cawley, CSJ, and others raise their hands in blessing; Rita Welch, CSJ, holds the basket of papers written by each participant; Marilyn McGoldrick, CSJ, offers Susan Reilly, CSJ, paper with the blessing prayer; Joanne Solari, CSJ and others process outside to bless the Motherhouse grounds.

A Place at the Table | May 8, 2019

Ancient Spiritual Wisdom of East and West: We Are All One

by Donna Sordello, CSJA

Pictured: Mary MacGillivray and Peggy Cummins, SNDdeN, led the presentations for the retreat; Mary and the group gathered for the retreat; Peggy addresses the group; although the space was crowded, Mary managed to lead the group in dance movements that enhanced the presentation.

During the April 13th gathering of associates and sisters Peggy Cummins, SNDdeN, presented Ancient Spiritual Wisdom of the East starting with the fact that we are all miracles and we never stop being miracles. Eastern wisdom relates to God in so many different ways; look at your hand and think of your fingers as all the different religions and the palm is the center, the ‘oneness’, the ‘real’. All religions ultimately point to the same center.

Clearing your inner space, contemplation, centering, consciousness, and awareness are all part of being mindful and living in the present moment which moves you closer to God and to becoming one with God. We are all one.

Mary MacGillivray presented Ancient Spiritual Wisdom of the West – Celtic Spirituality. We were encountered Saints Brigid and Patrick, two of the main saints of Ireland. Saint Brigid was the founder of monastic life in Ireland and is a symbol of the feminine side of God (something I never knew). We learned that dancing and poetry are significant aspects of Celtic Spirituality. Dancing helps you be in the moment.

What stood out to me is that there is only one thread used in the Celtic Knot as a symbol of endless existence and eternity and the Celtic belief that we are one with the universe. There is sacred power in everything. We are all one.

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