St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries


For approximately forty-five years the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston have educated and trained numerous sisters for spirituality ministries, spiritual direction, teaching in theological and spiritual settings and pastoral ministries. More recently, Retreat Centers in which some sisters ministered have closed, parishes have downsized, and more CSJs are ministering independently.

A long-term desire existed in the congregation to share, coordinate, and strengthen our individual efforts. St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries is a dynamic conduit through which Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates could more deliberately and intentionally share their CSJ Ignatian and Salesian Spirituality.

The creation of St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries in 2013 has many benefits including:

  • providing a sense of belonging to a greater congregational enterprise;
  • strengthening individual efforts and increasing collaboration;
  • ensuring coordination of ongoing professional development as all strive to incarnate the CSJ/SSJ charism in the church and world of today and of the future;
  • serving as a centralized location for requests for spiritual direction and other spirituality needs of God’s people;
  • making better use of our congregational sites such as Brighton, Milton, and Framingham for programs, spiritual direction, and supervision of spiritual directors;
  • facilitating collaboration with other CSJ-sponsored ministries and congregation ministries to serve a wider population, especially people who live “on the margins” and are eager and ready for spiritual development through spiritual direction or other spiritual programs;


Our logo, a blue wave with stars and a heart and the saying, “connecting neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God,” was designed. The logo is intended to illustrate the constant flow of God’s love from eternity to and through the hearts of all people and back to the ends of the cosmos.