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Nan Bouché, CSJA

Nan Bouché, CSJA, is a wife, mother and grandmother of four precious young granddaughters. She is an associate member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and a retired hospital chaplain. Nan holds a Master’s Degree in Theology from Boston College with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Having completed two internships in spiritual direction, Nan has been engaged in the practice of spiritual direction for a number of years on Cape Cod where she lives. Nan also directs retreats in various retreat houses. As a trained supervisor, she is engaged in the ministry of supervision of spiritual directors.

Christine Connolly, OP

Christine Connolly, OP is on the staff of the Dominican Retreat and Conference Center in Niskayuna, NY. Sr. Chris has been engaged in the ministry of spiritual direction and retreat work for over 30 years. She is a trained spiritual director and served at Claret Center in Chicago, conducting retreats for college students, seminarians and young adults, while concurrently serving as a spiritual director at the Loyola University Institute for Pastoral Studies. Sr. Chris is a member of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. She has a master’s degree in pastoral ministry from Boston College and a master’s in pastoral studies with a concentration in Scripture from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

Joan Duffy, CSJ

Over the last ten years, Sister Joan has been a facilitator for Directed Retreats at St. Joseph Retreat Center in Cohasset, Miramar Retreat Center in Duxbury and recently at Eastern Point Retreat Center in Gloucester. As an experienced group facilitator, her focus has been on discernment of heart as a way of being attentive to God’s presence in our lives as each day unfolds. With varied experiences in spiritual companionship, Sister Joan is involved in the ministry of Spiritual Direction at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Brighton. Additionally, her ministry involves spiritual companioning of retired sisters and leading prayer services.

Lyn Ferrara

Ellen (Lyn) Ferrara is a graduate of The Center for Religious Development in Cambridge, MA where she received a Certificate in Spiritual Direction and she holds a master’s in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Emmanuel College. She has been active in retreat work and Cursillo leadership since 1972 and received CPE training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Lyn has been a hospice volunteer and is currently a Eucharistic Minister at St. Anthony’s Parish in Cohasset, MA, South Shore Hospital and Plymouth House of Correction and provides Spiritual Direction at Glastonbury Abbey for retreatants upon request. Lyn is the mother of five daughters and one son, a widow, and Nana to thirteen grandchildren.

Carol Fitzsimmons, CSJ

Carol Fitzsimmons, CSJ has more than 30 years’ experience as a Spiritual Director and Retreat Director. She has a master’s degree in Counseling, a Certificate of Study from the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley, California and holds a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Center for Religious Development, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Following 10 years as Team member and teacher in the Sabbatical Program at St. Stephen Priory and Spiritual Life Center, Sister Carol served at St Joseph Retreat Center in Cohasset, Massachusetts. She continues offering Spiritual Direction and Retreats.

Kathleen Hagerty, CSJ

Kathleen Hagerty, CSJ is a Sister of St. Joseph of Boston. She holds a M.A. in Religious Education and a M.A. in Christian Spirituality from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. She is also a NACC Certified Chaplain. Kathleen is a certified Mid-Life Directions Consultant, an international group who conduct aging programs for mid-life and older adults throughout the U.S. and abroad. Kathleen has been an educator and administrator. She recently served as an Interfaith Chaplain for the State of Massachusetts in an inpatient locked clinical setting for fourteen years. Currently, Kathleen conducts workshops on aging and spirituality and does Spiritual Direction and conducts retreats in the New England area.

Marybeth Harmon

Marybeth Harmon is a widow, mother of 5 and involved grandmother of 13. She holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. She is a board certified chaplain with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. Marybeth was trained in spiritual direction at the Internship in the Art of Spiritual Direction at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA , The Center for Religious Development, Cambridge, MA and the Spiritual Direction Intern Institute in Brighton, MA. Marybeth’s current ministry is her spiritual direction practice and pastoral care for long-term care residents.

Nancy C. Kehoe RSCJ, PhD.

Nancy C. Kehoe, RSCJ, PhD., is a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, part time. Her area of expertise is religion and spirituality in the clinical context. For thirty-five years, using a model she created, Dr. Kehoe has led groups on spiritual beliefs and values for adults with psychiatric disabilities. She has presented at regional, national, and international conferences and published on the subject of religion and psychotherapy. She has served in an administrative position within her religious order and was a member of the Provincial Team for her order in the United States. For more than ten years she directed retreats at the Retreat Center in Cohasset MA. In 2009, her book “Wrestling with Our Inner Angels: Faith, Mental Illness and the Journey to Wholeness” was published by Jossey-Bass/Wiley. She has recently published six You Tubes, “Conversations on religion and mental illness.” Additional information can be found on her web site at:

Dorothea Masuret, CSJ

Dorothea Masuret received a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry with a concentration in Spirituality from Boston College. For many years she served in the Office for Pastoral Ministries in the Archdiocese of Boston, providing opportunities for ongoing spiritual formation and pastoral outreach. During this time she also served as a group facilitator for Parish Pastoral Councils, Religious Communities and Parish Staffs assisting them in integrating and embodying their mission. She has offered Mornings of Prayer and Guided Retreat Days. Presently she serves on the St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries Committee of the Sisters of St. Joseph and has completed the Spiritual Direction Internship Initiative.

Joan M. McCarthy, CSJ

Joan M. McCarthy, CSJ has been ministering in spirituality programs since 1973. When St. Joseph Retreat Center began in 1974 it was her privilege to be one of the two founding co-directors. Joan ministered full-time at Gonzaga Retreat House in East Gloucester for approximately seven years, at an ecumenical, residential treatment center in Canada for two years, on the congregation Formation Team for four years and on the congregation leadership team for six years. In 2006 Joan returned to full-time ministry at St. Joseph Retreat Center in Cohasset where she ministered until October 2016. Over the years Joan has given hundreds of 4-30 day retreats in numerous U.S. retreat centers, Wales, Ireland, England and Canada. Since 2003 Joan has also co-directed a weekly Spiritual Direction Internship Program and for several years she offered a monthly, multi-cultural training program in New York. Presently Joan is part of St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries and continues to offer spiritual direction, supervision, directed retreats and professional development programs for spiritual directors.

Patricia McDermott, IHM

Sister Pat McDermott, IHM has more than 25 years’ experience as a Spiritual Director and Retreat Director. She has directed retreats in Eastern Point Retreat Center, St. Joseph’s Cohasset, Villa Maria, Stone Harbor, New Jersey, and Loyola in Morristown and in the IHM Spirituality Center, Malvern, PA.  She served on the Retreat Team at St. Pius X Retreat Center in New Jersey for five years and at Loyola Retreat House for sixteen years.  During five of these years, Pat served as the Executive Director of the Retreat House.  She has a variety of experience in education and pastoral work in Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Chile, and New Jersey.  Since 2012 Pat has served on the Leadership Team of the IHM Congregation.

Beatrice Ste. Marie, SSND

Beatrice Ste. Marie ministered as teacher and administrator for several years.  After achieving her M.Div. degree with a concentration in Pastoral Care, she served as chaplain in a vocational rehabilitation center.  She was Local leader for several years, coordinating the care of the retired and infirmed sisters of her congregation.  She trained for spiritual direction while on the sabbatical staff at Weston Jesuit School of Theology, and received a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Center for Religious Development in Cambridge.  In addition to individual direction, (companioning) Beatrice has moved into retreat work and retreat/workshops.  She has knowledge of and experience in accompanying those seeking growth and recovery in 12 step programs.

Nancy V. Sheridan, SASV

For many years, Nancy has been involved in a ministry comprised of four dimensions: as a spiritual director, as a retreat director, as a facilitator and as a supervisor of spiritual directors and retreat directors in formation. Three intermingled threads guide her formation and continued ministries. Ignatian spirituality invites her to see God in all things. Feminist spirituality encourages her to gaze upon reality as a woman in search of inner and outer beauty and to offer correctives when such beauty is lacking. Liberation spirituality urges her to see the world from the perspective of the poor and impoverished and sends her repeatedly toward the Church and a just society. She weaves these threads in her ministry as she helps people touch and embrace God, Jesus, and the Spirit who lives within their hearts. These experiences bring her great joy.

Kathleen Short, CSJ

Sister Kathleen Short, CSJ, is an experienced spiritual director and retreat director. Sister Kathleen has facilitated twelve step spirituality retreats for many years. She is also a member of the Credo Dancers of Boston. Sister Kathleen is also: a pastoral counselor, a drug and alcohol counsel, a holistic practitioner, a licensed massage therapist, and a reflexologist. Sister Kathleen focuses her ministry on the poor, those struggling with addiction, the sick and elderly. Sister Kathleen and massage therapists from Perfectly Balanced life offer gentle chair massage and wellness sessions that usually take an hour; Topics: Healthy Breathing, Compassion: Road to Peace, Communicating with Love, Revitalize through Self Care, Growth through Meditation, Natural Skin Health, Kindness is Powerful, Happiness through Positive Thinking, The Power of Gratitude and Visualize New Possibilities.  Please contact or

Paula Tinlin, SND

Sister Paula has been engaged in spiritual direction and retreat ministry for several years after completing an Internship in Spiritual Direction at the Jesuit Renewal Center in Milford, Ohio, and focusing on Spirituality at Fordham University, New York.  Her background is both in Pastoral Care, and Spiritualty.  She has been an Associate Director at Miramar Retreat Center, Duxbury; St. Joseph Retreat Center in Cohasset, and Eastern Point, Gloucester, MA.  Sister Paula ministered as a Hospital and Hospice Chaplain in South Carolina before returning to Boston where she has spent the last several years as Hospital Chaplain in an urban hospital in Boston.  Sr. Paula is presently ministering as Community Support Coordinator for the EW Unit of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.  She periodically provides workshops on Visiting the Sick and Homebound, and the Grief Process, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston.  Sister offers days of prayer and reflection to other Religious Communities and Parish Groups.

Nancijo Wolter

Nancijo received her certification in Spiritual Direction from the Spiritual Directors Internship Initiative in Brighton, in 2013 which has given her the opportunity to direct on a freelance basis as well as acting as a spiritual director on directed retreats at Ste. Marie’s Parish in Manchester, NH and at St. Joseph Retreat Center in Cohasset.  She is currently guiding people through the Ignatian Exercises both through a program in Kennebunkport Maine, and on an individual basis.  Nancijo been involved in many pastoral programs such as serving as a youth minister, and developing women’s ministries.  Nancijo earned her BS in Secondary education from Fitchburg State University and taught science at the middle and high school level and served on the founding staff of the Word Among Us magazine before she began her most rewarding full time job of being a mom of three, (who are now in their 20’s).

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