Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is an opportunity to meet with a trained director to share how you pray, who God is for you, how you experience God within your prayer and daily life. You may also long for a deeper relationship with God and more integration between your spiritual life and daily life.  You may also desire a more conscious experience of God’s presence and action in your life. Spiritual Direction can also help our attentiveness to interior spiritual movements.


The privilege and responsibility of a spiritual director is to journey with you as the above desires are fulfilled.  The journey takes place in the context of confidential, one-on-one or group sessions with your spiritual director.


Spiritual direction is offered by many Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates in a number of areas throughout the Boston Archdiocese.  The primary site is 631 Cambridge Street, Brighton, MA 02135.  At this site we meet individually with people of all faith denominations and are also able to suggest trained spiritual directors who minister closer to where you work or live.  We are also able to offer you other links that have lists of directors and ways for you to discover where they minister as well as their bios.

Email or call us if we can assist you (spiritual.ministries@csjboston.org, 781-227-4730.)


Since the mid-seventeenth century when Jean-Pierre Medaille, S.J. and six women crossed paths in LePuy, France, Ignatian Spirituality has permeated, influenced, empowered and been evident in the personal lives and ministerial endeavors of Sisters of St. Joseph.

Ignatian Spirituality can be experienced in innumerable ways, whether it be personal prayer, communal prayer, the 30-Day Spiritual Exercises in a retreat center, the 19th Annotation Spiritual Exercises within the context of your daily life, a 4-day or 8-day Directed Retreat, an 8-month Spiritual Direction Internship Initiative, a 60-minute spiritual direction session, a quick glance at any of a multitude of gorgeous natural vistas or hours contemplating such beauty.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola:

This is a very special, sacred spiritual experience.  It is necessary to have made several 8-day Directed Retreats and to be receiving individual spiritual direction in preparation for this experience. The application process is more extensive than it is for other, shorter directed retreats. A completed application form, an autobiographical sketch and two recommendations are required before acceptance is possible.

THIRTY-DAY SPIRITUAL EXERCISES According to the twentieth annotation

The Thirty-Day Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, a sacred and prolonged spiritual experience, occurs apart from one’s daily life in a retreat center. The retreatant may pray up to five hours each day and review each prayer experience. A retreatant meets daily for approximately 45 minutes with an experienced retreat director to share one’s experiences of God and interior spiritual movements throughout each day.


The Nineteenth Annotation Retreat is an alternative way to experience the full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, while remaining at home and continuing one’s normal routine.  Retreatants commit to one hour of daily prayer, a review of prayer and approximately 30 weekly, individual sessions with the director.


The Spiritual Direction Internship Initiative is a training program in spiritual direction that meets Tuesdays from 9 AM – 4 PM from early September through mid-April in Brighton, MA.  At the beginning of each semester there is a Directed Prayer Weekend, which is held at the Notre Dame Spirituality Center in Ipswich, MA.  Additional responsibilities of the intern include offering spiritual direction to 2-4 people every other week from late September through April under the guidance of a supervisor with whom an intern meets every other week.

Professional Days for Spiritual Directors

These opportunities will provide time for input, sharing, prayer and socializing for all who are involved in individual direction of people in the context of spiritual direction, spiritual conversation and/or directed retreats. Treat yourself to a day of professional development and personal enrichment in the company of ministerial peers.

Supervision for Spiritual Directors

Director-centered individual supervision is available in Brighton for those giving the 19th Annotation Retreat and/or those in the ministry of spiritual direction.