Responding to the Needs of the Time

“I have been coming to English class for 3 years. I have learned many new English grammar rules. I have also learned some facts about famous American heroes and new vocabulary has enriched me so that I have a better understanding of new English words. My teacher is Sister Helen and she gives me new and challenging work every week.” – Marina L.

History of Our Community Involvement

The Literacy Connection began in 1987 with four Sisters of Saint Joseph. At that time, there was a need to assist immigrants from Southeast Asia learn English and find a way to become part of the community. Since then, dozens of tutors have joined our ministry and the need for immigrant support and education has grown. Today we see an average of 80 students a year and they are from Latin America, Brazil, Africa, Haiti, Russia, and many other places.

Because we provide ESOL tutoring, literacy, writing, reading, and listening skills in addition to citizenship classes, we strive to help families who are need of the following:

  • to read to their children and to help them be successful in school
  • to communicate in English with their children’s teachers, neighbors, and neighborhood service providers
  • to secure a job or to get a better job
  • to read newspapers to learn what is happening in their native countries
  • to enter a more formal classroom setting, a GED program, a community college program to seek help with citizenship preparation
  • to become integrated into the economic and civic life of their new community and to plan a future for themselves and their families.

Our students receive free one-on-one tutoring and meet at a time and place convenient for both student and tutor. The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of each student who:

  • is available for instruction only two or three hours a week
  • cannot fit into a weekly or semester class schedule
  • has a limited educational background or English proficiency.
  • is looking to acquire skills for jobs
  • needs daytime instruction

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