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Pictured from left to right: Sister Patricia Andrews, CSJ and Rose Canney, CSJ.

Responding to adult immigrants and refugees seeking help with English language skills and citizenship preparation

The Literacy Connection, a ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston, is a vibrant and unique literacy program empowering English language learners to improve the quality of their lives and participate fully in their families and the community.

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Main Number (617) 746-2100

Sister Patricia Andrews, CSJ

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Cummings Foundation Award 100k for 100 Grant to The Literacy Connection, a ministry of The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

The Literacy Connection is thrilled to be the recipient of the Cummings Foundation’s generosity for the next 5 years as our organization expands. Because of this award, our plan is to grow our adult education network in Boston, offering essential referrals and placements for adults who are in the most need of flexible scheduled tutoring sessions, one on one educational and literacy needs, and citizenship preparation. By expanding our tutor base and online presence, we plan to be able to help many more students who are currently in danger of not being served.