Portrait of a Daughter of St. Joseph

Eyes open to the world both miserable and sinful,
but a world worked on by the Holy Spirit;
Eyes open and ears attentive to the sufferings of the world;
Eyes open, ears attentive and spirit alert.. . .
never settled down, always in a holy disquietude, searching. . .
in order to understand,
to divine what God and the dear neighbor
await from her today, now, for the body and for the soul;
Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert. . .sleeves rolled up for ministry,
without excluding the more humble, the less pleasing,
the less noticeable;
Finally, in her face the reflection of a virtue proper to our Congregation,
– continual joy of spirit..
This is the quiet inner glow of the Sister whose life
in the service of Jesus Christ has been successful.

– Marius Nepper, S.J.