Prayer in the Spirit of the Two Trinities

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God of Inclusive Love,

 Christ of Outpouring Love,

Spirit of Communal Love,

breathe in us and among us,

Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates,

May we join together

with the zeal of Jesus,

a zeal marked by generous courage

and humble self-emptying love,

the fidelity of Mary

who was filled to overflowing

with every kind of grace,

and the cordial charity of Joseph

whose service was grounded

in relationship with God

and neighbor without distinction.

Rooted in the rich heritage

of the women who are our past,

seized by the same Love

that impelled them to be in relationship

with the reality of their changing world

and changing times,

inspired by their vision, integrity, and fidelity,

we enter into this our time togehter

with courage and hope.

Our God, the people of our world,

our Earth, and all creation,

call us to embrace

ever widening circles of communion.

May our time together

impel us to action,

action that stirs up Love,

is connective and inclusive,

and deepens our commitment

to be and become Your people.

Adapted from
Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, Chapter 2005-06

— based on The Règlements of Jean Pierre Médaille

, SJ, to the Daughters of Jospeh

Logo Design by Ann Marie Grady, CSJ

Prayer by Joanne Gallagher, CSJ