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From St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries and More

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston are committed to being a presence to you, our Dear Neighbors, during these days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although this health crisis has closed our physical spaces, we continue to offer virtual hospitality in a variety of ways.

Our ministries continue to reach out via email, Zoom video conferencing and phone calls to let others know the resources available for food, health care and more. We have also taken measures in keeping with the request of our governor to assure that our senior sisters remain well and cared for.

Desiring to provide a space of hope and the opportunity for reflection, we are providing this virtual space of prayer resources that have been shared with us by religious congregations throughout the country.

Most recently we have added

St. Joseph Spiritual Ministries:
Reflections from our sisters, associates, and agrégées are saved in one place. They have been formatted in such a way that you can easily print them if wanted. As more reflections become available, we will add to this section

Emmaus Productions
During this time, they are making many resources available free of charge. They offer a wide selection of videos and music for both adults and children.

100 Days of Prayer [series 8]
This is from the Sisters of St. Joseph in Orange, CA. They invite us to join them for the next 100 DAYS of PRAYER series running MAY 10 – AUGUST 17, 2020. It begins this Sunday, May 10. The first week is already posted.

Know that all our sisters, associates, agrégées and partners in mission hold you in prayer during these uncharted times.
We, in turn, ask that you hold us in prayer as well. 

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Prayers During the Pandemic

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