Sister Corsini Ivers

We Remember Her At the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring

October 8, 1918 – April 20, 2013

“We see relationship at the heart of Mission and thus we seek to become ever more united in the mind and heart of Christ Jesus”. These words from the Constitution of the Sisters of St. Joseph were part of the fabric of Sister Corsini’s life. Her relationship with God, her family and her Sisters in Community was at the center of her life.

Sister Corsini requested that there be a brief reflection given by her area councilor and no further sharing of memories and so we will honor her request.

Many of us here remember our dear Sister as Sister Corsini, to her family she was “Sissy” and when I was speaking with Corsini’s sister, Helen, on Sunday she recalled as children growing up in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Jamaica Plain, neighborhood friends calling her “smiley” because of her constant smiley face. With this in mind it should be no surprise to us that the Gospel which will be read during our Liturgy this morning is the familiar story of the Beatitudes. In some translations of this passage Jesus begins the Beatitudes with the word “Happy”. As we reflect on each of the eight beatitudes, I’m sure we can see how Corsini lived them out in her life “happily” with family , friends and all to whom and for whom she ministered throughout her seventy-five years as a Sister of St. Joseph.

Gradually over the last five years, Sister Corsini had to adjust to some physical limitations. In a few minutes we will hear the words of the Prophet Jeremiah which say “For surely I know the plans I have for you; plans for peace and for hope.” We all know that God has a plan for each of us and Sister Corsini believed that. Now she is enjoying the fulfillment of God’s plan – a life full of hope, joy and peace which is limitless.

Our celebration of Sister Corsini’s life this morning was actually planned for her Golden Jubilee twenty – five years ago. The Scripture readings are those Corsini chose for her Jubilee Liturgy. I think we can presume that she prayed with these Scriptures often and that they were meaningful to her throughout her life. The hymns that we will sing this morning were chosen by Sister Corsini also. Perhaps in the days ahead when we pray with these Scripture passages or sing these hymns we will smile and remember Corsini.

It will take us some time to adjust to the suddenness of Sister Corsini’s death; however we have the consolation of knowing that her “seeking to become ever more united in the mind and heart of Christ Jesus “(CSJ Constitution) is over. As Jeremiah the prophet reminds us – “I know the plans I have for you – It is God who speaks – plans for peace and a future full of love and joy”.

We thank God for the gift of Sister Mary Corsini Ivers in our lives and we rejoice with her as she experiences eternal peace and joy with all who have gone before her and with her God.

Given by : Patricia E. McCarthy, CSJ