Sister Doris Langlois, CSJ

Sister Doris Langlois, CSJ

(Sr. Emile)

March 17, 1926 – September 10, 2022

We remember her

In the blueness of the skies

And in the warmth of summer


Sister Doris Langlois delighted in life. There was a quiet joy deep in her being! That joy spilled over whenever she met someone. She would take their hand and hold onto it as if she or he were the most important person in the world. Talk about a ministry of presence! We will hear in our first reading today from Proverbs: “She is a joyful woman for whom laughter is no stranger; a song to sing, a smile to give, a hand to clasp or embrace”.


Doris was born to Emile and Anna Langlois. She was the youngest of four children and grew up in Haverhill. She entered the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1944.

Most of her ministerial life Doris spent caring for children who experienced challenges. She spent many years at Boston School for the Deaf and Wrentham State Hospital. She also ministered at Bethany Health Care Center in a variety of positions. Wherever she ministered, she graced everyone she encountered with her kindness, selfless joy and gentleness.

Doris had a great sense of humor and a belly laugh that could be heard all the way down the corridor. Of course, those who heard her laughter could not help but laugh too. This was another gift Doris brought to the third floor residents and staff at Bethany.

I remember, on a recent visit to Bethany when Doris was having trouble eating, she looked around the room and saw a resident not eating. She gestured to the CNA that she should go over and feed her – such self-less love – always aware of and responsive to others’ needs.

We give thanks to God for giving us the gift of Doris Langlois. She filled our world with joy, love and laughter. May she rest in peace.

Given by Denise Kelley, CSJ September 20, 2022