Janis Delaney, CSJ

We remember her in the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring.

Sister Janis Delaney was the devoted daughter of Thomas and Mary Teresa Barry and the loving sister of the late Thomas, Margaret, William, John, Sister Mary, and James.  That is a lot of people to love and be loved by. From them came her many cherished nieces and nephews and their children. Sister Janis, Aunt Gert, was a woman who knew she was blessed and who was grateful for all that she had been given in her life. The Second Reading we will hear today speaks of her gratitude and all the love she holds in her heart for eternity.

Her faith was strong, and she had a particular devotion to the double Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit, and Jesus, Mary, and Joseph – a faith that saw relationship at the heart of everything that is. Sister Janis loved to learn and her mind was always in search of deeper knowledge and understanding as she attended lectures whenever she could and read until her last day. She was never bored. Her love for children made her a dedicated teacher who was especially attentive to students who had difficulty learning.  Janis had an enthusiasm for life. She loved a good party – with family and with her CSJ Sisters and was known to be a lot of fun in community. She lived on the lighter side of life and knew not to take things too seriously.  Janis also had a wonderful sense of adventure. The story is told that years ago a group of Sisters were at Cohasset during a Nor’Easter. So rare was the chance that they got to swim that Janis was undeterred during the storm.  She and another Sister were determined to get into the water despite the wind and waves. Those watching were horrified, and mystified, but Janis and her companion were satisfied!!

 As we celebrate her life, we know there are students who will forever remember her kindness to them and her large family who knew she was always a loving presence in their lives. Her Sisters in community are grateful for the blessing she was in our midst. May she live now in the fullness of life she was promised, reunited with those she loved first.

 Given by Betsy Conway, CSJ

May 10, 2021