Jeanne Marie Doherty, CSJ

We remember her in the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring.

October 12, 1926 – June 13, 2021

 Sister Jeanne Marie Doherty was the devoted daughter of John and Catherine McCarthy Doherty and grew up in Somerville with her sisters Anne and Kay and her brother Jack.  She was a beloved teacher at St. Mary’s, Quincy, St. Brendan’s, Dorchester, St. Agatha’s, Milton, St. Joseph’s, Malden and for more than 36 years at Immaculate Conception School, Everett.  Anticipating her 75th jubilee celebration at the end of this month gave Jeanne Marie a lot of happiness, and a goal. Though her guest list will be different now, we know she will be celebrating with a joy beyond our knowing.

 Our desire and call as Sisters of St. Joseph is to be a unifying, and a healing presence, and this describes Jeanne Marie so well. In her quiet way, she was a calming, gentle soul who was a peacemaker, a blessed peacemaker. In the sometimes chaos of everyday life, she was a balm for those around her, with her easy going way. As a teacher, a sister in community, as a friend and as a family member, Jeanne Marie seemed to know the power of kindness, and offered it generously.  No doubt there are countless students who will recall her kindness to them and the difference in made in their classroom experience. Those stories live on. Her dear friend, Lorraine, and the other sisters with whom she lived knew her as “good company,” and a positive companion – always grateful. Though quiet, she enjoyed being with others and loved a good laugh.  Her knowledge of the Red Sox could put many sports followers to shame. She knew them well, their strengths and faults and could have managed them without effort.

Jeanne Marie’s constantly growing family has always been a priority in her life.  Her connection with her nieces and nephews and their children was strong and they have always been there for her, even until her last few minutes. So much of Jeanne Marie’s happiness came from her family.

 We will miss her witness to our charism of unifying love, her laugh, the candies left on the bureau for others, her prayerful presence in the chapel, her affection for her family and her life as a Sister of St. Joseph, and her kindness to everyone.

Our love goes with you Jeanne Marie. Thank you for your 75 years of devoted service to the dear neighbor. God wanted you home for your jubilee. We will celebrate you from here.

  Given by Betsy Conway CSJ
 June 16, 2021