Sister Katherine Green, CSJ

(Sister Clare Thomas, CSJ)

We Remember Her
In the blowing of the wind and
in the chill of winter

September 29, 1941- December 31, 2023
In the 65th year of her Religious Life

Entered: September 8, 1959


When interviewed in 1995 by a reporter, Sr. Katherine Green expressed her mission and ministry at the Pine Street Inn.

“As a Sister of St. Joseph, I bring to the Pine Street Inn myself, a person inspired by the Gospels and our CSJ heritage- “that all may be one.”   I bring a belief in the goodness of the dear neighbor, and a belief that the spirit of God has bid me go forth.”

Wouldn’t you say this is a perfect description of who Sister Katherine Green CSJ was? She expressed it herself, a true belief in her recognition of who she was, and the woman religious God wanted her to be.

Visiting Kathy as her Community Counselor in Bethany last week, I listened in awe to all who sat at her bedside as they shared their gratitude for all that Kathy had done for them. So much of Kathy’s life was hidden from most of us, but those who were the recipients of her compassion, kindness and generosity were outspoken in their words of appreciation to her.

In one instance, a woman from Eritrea wept and called her MAMA.

From her entrance into the Congregation in 1959, Kathy understood her call to serve the cause of right – be a covenant for the people – be a light of freedom and hope for all people. In addition, Sr. Kathy did this! Perhaps this inclination came from her parents, Clare, and Thomas, and was supported by her siblings Thomas and Joan. 

Sr. Kathy’s ministry began as a teacher in several Catholic Archdiocesan schools where she used her skills as an academic instructor. In her classes, she also revealed her artistic/creative talent, encouraging her students to develop themselves totally to their potential. This artistic talent was seen in many places-  in work created for Cathedral High School, in jubilee booklets, and in other artistic prints requested of her.  Kathy’s talent as an artist was seen in her program! A woman of a will of her own, Sr. Kathy was one of our sisters who stretched beyond what we, CSJs, knew as educators to “flame the gift that God gave her” a phrase Timothy mentions in his letter to the early Christians.

Kathy witnessed living in the South End those who were poor and in need. When she became the administrator and supervisor of the Pine Street Inn, she reached out, sought, and assisted those homeless, lonely, ill, women and men who lived in darkness. This service she did for 30 years! She not only served the Pine Street Inn facility, but she invited and hired other Sisters of St. Joseph to minister there to be of service to the residents. So delighted were these sisters to be additional witnesses of the presence of the CSJs of Boston!

Sister Katherine Green knew in her heart that she was God’s friend. She understood God chose her. She was always conscious of God’s presence and of serving her God/friend. Sr. Kathy was always aware of the needs of others, especially her family members, her friends, CSJ companions, and others who came into her path. Sister Kathy Green modeled our patron, St. Joseph, who was often referred to as the silent Saint. Kathy was a veiled saint! Many acts of love and concern were performed quietly by her during her life. She was a woman, a Sister of St. Joseph who truly followed God’s command, “That you love one another.”

Sister Katherine Green was a catalyst who knew how to make things happen. She allowed God to take root in her heart. She engaged in corporal works of mercy, so that justice and peace, freedom and dignity could prevail.

Kathy, we celebrate and honor your life as a Sister of St. Joseph. We thank you for the fearlessness and creativity you brought into our lives and most especially the unconditional love you provided into the lives of your niece, Clare, your nephew Sean, and their families. May you now rest in the peace of your Loving God.

Given by: Gail Donahue CSJ

January 5, 2024