Marjorie Marie Howe, CSJ

We remember her In the rustling of the leaves and in the beauty of autumn.

May 10, 1930 – September 17, 2018

Sister Marjorie Marie Howe, party of ’49, died as she lived – gently and peacefully.  She now shares eternal life with her dear friend, Sister Kay Higgins.

Those who worked closely with her in the early days of Soundings remember lots of laughs because of her great sense of humor.  Her students tell of a teacher who was kind and loving – one student saying, “I knew I wanted to be a teacher and I knew that I wanted to be the kind of teacher Sister Marjorie was.”  As a Latin teacher, Marjorie exemplified professionalism, marked by quick wit, ready smile, and evident scholarship.

Marjorie valued relationship and believed our connectedness within community was important.  Many nights she would study the CSJ photo book because she wanted to be able to call each Sister by name.  She was intentional about valuing our connection to each other.

When Marjorie came to Bethany, she undertook the task of assisting in the Bethany library, organizing books and even delivering special selections for individual Sisters.  A dedicated librarian for many years, Marjorie was drawn to the quiet and had a knowing appreciation for what can happen in the silence.

As young children, many of us may have heard that whistling made the Blessed Mother cry.  However, it is a God given talent for some, and can be a sign of joy.  Did you know that Marjorie loved to whistle?  She was apparently quite good at it.

Though Marjorie’s family was small, her circle of friends was wide, and friends of many years, and not so many years, grieve her loss.  Sister Kay’s family valued her presence and though they live across the country, they never missed a Christmas delivery of chocolate to the second floor for Marjorie.

She is remembered with a gentle smile – a dedicated woman who loved her God, her community, and her purpose – a life in mission for others.

Today, as we say farewell until we meet again, we thank our God for the gift of Marjorie and for all the ways she so lovingly served.

Given by: Sister Betsy Conway on September 21, 2018