Sister Patricia Ann Logan, CSJ

Sister Patricia Ann Logan, CSJ

(Sr. Norma)

November 24, 1923 – June 5,  2023

 We Remember Her
In the opening of the buds and in the
rebirth of spring.


“This is what God asks of you, only this, to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God.”  How often have we heard these words – words that Sister Patricia chose for today’s celebration?  Are they not fitting to describe the manner in which she lived her ninety-seven years?

Patricia Ann Logan, lovingly known as Patsy, was one of the five children of Margaret and Edward Logan.   With her two sisters and two brothers, Patsy grew up in South Boston and graduated from Gate of Heaven High School.

In 1944, Patsy entered St. Joseph Novitiate and began her years of loving, faithful service to her God.

Assigned to positions, which required her to develop her culinary skills, Patsy proved to be a natural, who could produce nutritious meals and tantalizing desserts to grace the tables of the novitiate, Bethany Health Care Center, and the Scholasticate.  As a canonical novice, I learned from her that one does not wash bread loaf pans in soap and water.  Instead, wiping the pan with a clean cloth ensures that it remains a “seasoned” pan, capable of producing a quality loaf of bread every time. With Patsy’s gentle manner and competent work ethic, she was a good example for the many novices who learned from her. The Bake Room was always a place of activity, peace, and welcome.

In the early 70s, Patsy transitioned to administrative work at Aquinas College in Milton, where she served as receptionist and secretary. Faculty, staff, and students soon learned that she was the go-to person for straight answers, clear instructions, and sound guidance. Again, her gracious manner and work ethic set an example for all with whom she came into contact.

With Sister Mary McDonald, Patsy was appointed as an administrator of Fontbonne Hall, which at the time was our retirement home in Framingham. Together, they provided for our retired Sisters with both compassion and competence. From Framingham, Patsy went to the Retreat Center in Cohasset to be the coordinator of programs and to ensure that the house ran with efficiency. One woman who encountered Patsy at the Retreat Center claimed that Patsy “left footprints on her heart”. It was that way with everyone who knew her!

In 2004, when the renovated Motherhouse opened, Patsy took up residency and continued her ministry of welcome, serving as a receptionist.  She personified our core value of “gracious hospitality toward all.” Patsy’s last transition to Bethany Health Care Center broadened the circle of neighbors to whom she ministered through her example of gratitude for the care and companionship she received.

Patsy, you go now to your well-deserved reward for acting justly, loving tenderly, and walking humbly with your God.  Godspeed!

Given by Sister Judith Costello, June 14 2023


To many of you, Sister Patricia Logan has passed on after 97 years of life and 79 years as a Sister of St. Joseph. To us, her family and friends, our Auntie Patsy is not here in person anymore but she will never be forgotten.

The day that Auntie Patsy entered the Sisters of St. Joseph was my first day of kindergarten! I cried the whole day, no matter what my mother and father did to comfort me.  I was inconsolable; I knew Auntie Patsy wasn’t coming back to our house where she lived! And I feel a little like that today!

My sister, Pat, was named after Sister Patricia and that was always a happy thought for me — for Auntie Patsy, and I think Pat Naughton.

Auntie Patsy played a very important role in the lives of all of us, both near and far.  She was a part of wakes and weddings and days like this! She was there when grandnieces and nephews came along, and she was there to babysit and play with them. She had a unique relationship with each of us, as if we were the only one in her life.

As a Sister of St. Joseph, she held many positions within the order, and she did them well. She loved being a Sister of St. Joseph, and I know she would want us to say thank you to all sisters, nurses, and aides that have taken care of her over the years. She was always grateful for anything and everything!

My sister, Pat, my partner Laura, and I have visited Sister Patsy frequently over these last few years. We were lucky to have those times and our visits were fun! My sister Pat and Laura’s sister, Kathy Penna, were the Flower Girls, and Laura and I were the Sandwich and Potato Salad people.

We will miss seeing our Auntie Patsy but she will live in our hearts forever!

Given by Peggy Quirk, June 14, 2023