Patricia Martin, CSJ

We remember her in the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring.

July 29, 1932 – May 4, 2020

Sister Patricia Martin was born in Boston on July 29, 1932, to Elliot and Evelyn Martin. She was an only child who was close to her cousins. Growing up, Pat told her cousin Carol that she wished she were her little sister, and Carol called Pat her mentor and the big sister she always wanted.

After graduating from Mt. St. Joseph Academy, Sister Pat entered the congregation in 1950. In her early years, Pat taught at St. John’s, Winthrop, St. Agatha Milton, St. Benedict, Somerville. Sister Pat loved music and had the voice of an angel. I’m told she could sing God like no other. She directed the boys’ choir at St. Pius Church down the Cape. During this time, she dedicated herself to caring for her mother, enjoying the ocean, and staying close with her cousins.

In her various ministries throughout her life, as a teacher, a driver, a caregiver, Pat was a gentle and kind presence. We all know the power of a smile, and hers was radiant. A friend described her as a “sweet soul of kindness” devoted to her faith and to Mary, the Mother of God.

Now Pat knows the peace promised her as she, in the words of Anthony DeMello, beholds God, beholding her, and smiling.

Given by Sister Betsy Conway
May 16, 2020