Sister Raynald Rogers

Sister Raynald Rogers

RogersRSeptember 13, 2022 – January 15, 2013

When we gathered this afternoon to welcome Sister Raynald home to her Community at Bethany Health Care Center, we heard the words from the Constitution of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, the section on Prayer, selected specifically with Raynald in mind. It speaks of how she lived her life.

We heard: “Our life of prayer is a dynamic relationship with God; prayer like our ministry and vowed life in community, requires the humility, fidelity and the courage to let ourselves be emptied by God, so that we may be filled with love, a love that flows out to one another, and to those whose lives ours touch; a love that flows back into our deepening intimacy with God.

S. Raynald Rogers, Marion, Ray, as she is affectionately known by many of us, certainly epitomized these words, Love flowing out to others, to those whose lives she touched.

During these past few days anyone who spoke with me about Raynald, remarked about her capacity to love, to love her family, her sister Catherine or Pecky , Millie, her sister- in- law, her many nieces and nephews and extended family members; they spoke of her love for her CSJ family and friends, mentioning fondly the special bond she shared with, S. Lucille, and they spoke of all those whose lives she touched and who touched hers; as in the various parish communities where she served as a wonderful educator or parish sacristan.