Sister Theresa Pond, CSJ 
(Sister St. Agnes)

We Remember her
In the blowing of the wind and
in the chill of winter

September 25, 1927 – January 28, 2024

In the 78th year of her Religious Life. 
Entered:  September 8, 1946

At her baptism, Sister Theresa Pond’s parents, William and Mildred, gave her the name of Theresa. One wonders why they chose that name for her… one thought is that maybe it was something her parents read about St. Therese Lisieux. One statement I found referring to St. Therese seemed to resonate with Sister Theresa Pond: “Kindness is a guiding star. One does not calculate, instead they act with kindness and compassion always at the forefront of their mind.” I believe that throughout her life, Sister Theresa Pond lived those words. She even surpassed them with a spirit of GENTLENESS, manifested with kindness, compassion, gentleness and love.

Entering the sisters of St. Joseph in 1946, Theresa began her CSJ ministry as an elementary school teacher in Norwood, Bradford, Allston, and Dorchester. In 1995, she was missioned to her hometown of Lynn to teach at Sacred Heart School. The school and parish had the honor and privilege of having Theresa’s presence with them for 44 years. Following 27 years as the seventh-grade teacher, the pastor, Father Gillespie (celebrant of this Mass) appointed Sister Theresa to Director of Development for Sacred Heart School. This gave her the opportunity to generate funding for the school, as well as serve the people of Sacred Heart Parish whom she loved so much. In 2012, Sister Theresa retired and moved to St. Joseph Hall. I do not believe that any other CSJ was taken to their new residence in such stylish manner as Sister Teresa Pond was! She was chauffeured by the local undertaker in one of his limousines. This Sister enjoyed and her chauffeur considered a great honor for him!

While St. Joseph Hall Theresa would often provide Fr. Gillespie with a cup of coffee after Mass. This “coffee time” was a great delight for her. However, in time, due to failing health, Sr. Theresa moved to Bethany Health Care Center. When I visited Sr. Mary Olsen, who lived next door to Sr. Theresa on the third floor at Bethany, I would walk in on a conversation they were sharing through the open doors of their adjoining bathroom! 

One of the readings for Sister’s Mass this morning speaks of “those who have put their trust in God will find peace- those who are faithful will dwell in Gods’ love.” It seems Sister Theresa Pond knew these words deep in her heart. Her trust in God guiding her in her ministry, her daily living, and the challenges of life gave her the grace of acceptance and the courage and strength to reach those in need… to be their comfort, support, and assistance. To all she met, Sister Theresa radiated her gentle smile and often had a humorous remark to make when the occasion warranted.

When the word was told that God was calling Sister Theresa to eternal life, the sisters in her Party who were residing at Bethany came to her room and sat around her bed. Memories of this gentle woman with whom they entered the Novitiate in 1946 and had witnessed through their 78 years of interaction as CSJs of religious life flooded through each of them. These sisters were joined by other sisters who stopped in Theresa’s room to offer their prayers of gratitude for the privilege of knowing this extraordinary woman. Truly, Sister Theresa Pond was a person greatly loved by so many.

Sister Theresa Pond was a magnificent example for all of us. In her life as a Sister of St. Joseph, she lived out the words of our Constitution: “We strive in every aspect of our lives to be for others a visible sign of God’s active and inclusive love”.

Theresa may you now rest in God’s loving embrace.

Given by Gail Donahue CSJ

February 2, 2024