Sisters of St. Joseph Anti-Racism Prayer Vigil

We Are Called to Be Christ’s Body – Anti-Racism Prayer Vigil 
Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston – Sunday, June 7, 2020

On Sunday, June 7, 2020 the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, joined with all who grieve and cry out against racism in all its forms. The gathering was attended by more than 70 sisters, associates, agrégées, friends and a few who stopped by as they noticed the gathering.

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Betsy Conway, CSJ, led us in heartfelt prayer asking, “Why are we here today?” and responding with

We are here because we believe in a God who has a dream for us, a dream for Oneness – that we would know we truly belong to each other.

We are here because God CREATED us in colors, knowing it would add to our strength, BEAUTY, and richness.

We are here because God calls each of us God’s own – children of God “In Whom God lives.”

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We prayed and continue to pray in solidarity with the family of George Floyd and all who suffer deeply from the effects of this egregious act – not only in Minneapolis but throughout our country and our world.

Racism is America’s original sin. It is a virus every bit as deadly as COVID-19 and until we address it, people of color will continue to die, and our nation will never heal. Racism, both the institutional racism which privileges some at the expense others and the daily acts of micro aggressions, hate, and discrimination diminishes us all. We commit ourselves to the creation of the culture where all people are treated as the sacred creation that they are. Racism denies that most profound truth, that all of us are created in God’s image and each of us is entitled to dignity and respect.

As women religious and their partners in mission, we acknowledge our own privilege and complicity in institutional racism. It is time to address the institutional racism that lives within our institutions and within ourselves. As we continue to work to dismantle institutional racism, we are all asked to do the deep, ongoing inner work that anti-racism requires of us. This includes listening to, learning from, supporting, and elevating the black voices within and around us. We ask God’s blessing on the struggle that lies ahead. We, as Sisters of St. Joseph and as individuals, must do better.



The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston is  a community of vowed apostolic women and lay associates with a contemplative stance toward life. Their mission is to realize the prayer of Christ, “That all may be one.” They work for unity and reconciliation where there is brokenness helping people become whole and holy, individually and together. In community and prayerful contemplation they listen to the Spirit and move always toward love of God and love of neighbor without distinction. For more information visit