Sisters of St. Joseph Support President’s Executive Action on Immigration

We, Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and our Associates, compelled by the Gospel and by our heritage to be responsive to the “dear neighbor” without distinction, support President Obama’s executive actions on behalf of aspiring Americans and their families. These actions promote family unity and address inhumane immigration enforcement policies that separate children and parents of mixed status.  They also recognize the economic contributions of many undocumented people who support our schools, neighborhoods, small businesses, and our everyday lives. These are initial steps toward just comprehensive immigration reform. We resonate with the words of Pope Francis, “Every human being is a child of God! He or she bears the image of Christ!  We ourselves need to see, and then enable others to see, that migrants and refugees do not only represent a problem to be solved, but are brothers and sisters to be welcomed, respected and loved.” — November 21, 2014